7-Day Design Portfolio Master (7-DDPM) - Course

7-Day Design Portfolio Master (7-DDPM) - Course

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Need to create a Design, Art, or Architecture Portfolio created for work or school, and don't know where to start?

Want to make a great impression in a short amount of time, but your anxiety is kicking in and you just can't find the urge to push through?

Want to apply to a design/art/architecture school, job, or program, and not sure how to confidently organize your work to submit it on time and beautifully?

If you answered yes, this is the course for you...

What Makes Me Qualified?
I personally know the struggles of what it's like to create a design, art, or architecture portfolio from scratch! Over 10 years ago when I was still getting my Master's in Architecture, I started teaching incoming freshman how to set up their portfolio to catch the eyes of the admissions team.

To this day I've been reviewing and teaching portfolio design secrets to help students, consultants, freelancers, and design professionals succeed WITHOUT spending hours and hours with limited progress. As a result, I'm happy to introduce the launch of the "7-Day Design Portfolio Master" course.

In this 7-Part Module Series, I Will Teach:

  • How to make a good first impression on your portfolio reviewer with my (BPM) "Best Project Method"

  • Secret tips that I've developed overtime for my students and myself that portfolio reviewers are constantly looking for when accepting new applicants. The same secrets I taught my in-person students that got all of them a 100% admissions acceptance rate to the school of their choice.

  • How to set up your portfolio fast into easy to understand categories that will help you look more versatile.

  • What to show inside and what NOT TO SHOW... EVER.

  • How to take quality photos of your work (architecture models, sculptures, etc).

  • My favorite real life examples.
  • How to edit your photos to look high quality and eye-catching.

  • How to brand your portfolio without looking too over the top cliche', and why over branding your portfolio can actually hurt your chances.

  • How to layout your page to speak for you, even when you're not there to explain it.

  • How to add text and supplementary features... THE RIGHT WAY.

  • How to leave a lasting impression and up your chances at getting a call back or admitted.


1) How to present your portfolio during a job interview or a client pitch.

2) How to design a one page resume to up your chances at getting a call back. 

3) Free Ebook ($19.99 value) Teaching you the top 10 mistakes to never make when designing a design portfolio

NOTE PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: This course does NOT guarantee admissions or acceptance into ANY program in which you are applying. It should just be used as a "blueprint" to get your portfolio started and completed in 7-days. We focus on strategies to make it look impactful and organized for reviewers. Must have any version of Adobe Photoshop, access to a Scanner or Camera (to take photos of your project work), Adobe Indesign or the ability to purchase it through my discounted links to complete this course. Due to the nature of this product, we cannot provide refunds at anytime, no exceptions.