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1:1 Mentorship (Customized)

1:1 Mentorship (Customized)

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Are you struggling with social media or a design related skillset and want to learn 1 on 1 with a mentor?

Our 1 on 1 Mentorship program is currently open for new members. Sign up to claim your spot today!

This Package is for pre-vetted individuals who have reached out to Erica or The Design Bloc/Design Life Smart team, and are ready to take action their academic, personal, professional, or entrepreneurship growth to the next level! It's time to learn and earn in the modern era and share your talents to the world.

*Please note a 2% fee is included in this price due to our the website payment processing fees.


  • Branding, Marketing, and Business Development

  • Social Media Hacks & Growth for Personal Branding

  • E-Commerce and Online Product-Based Businesses for Creatives

  • Public Speaking/Design Crit/Project Pitch Training 

  • Portfolio and/or Resume Design (For Highschool, College, and Professionals)

  • Architectural Design + Art (student critiques and thesis coaching)

  • ...and More!

    *Your interest in one of the listed categories should be mentioned in your initial discovery call.


  • Free 15 min Discovery Call to understand your needs, goals, and current status of where you're at on your journey. 
  • Sign up for your Discovery Call here: https://bit.ly/FreeCall15minutes 

  • (2) 1 Hour Calls for Full Mentorship Bootcamp where we go over actionable steps towards your growth and success. We'll break down the themes of each call after your Discovery Call and then move towards your established goals! Choose your option at the drop down menu above!

  • A Digital Toolkit of Resources, Videos, Ebooks to keep you motivated and inspired.

  • Lifetime Access to our Private Whatsapp Chat (details revealed after payment is processed/24hrs) and Facebook Group (24 hr Support)

  • Discounts on The Design Bloc Academy's'/Design Life Smart future products and services. 

  • Please note, for the Full Mentorship Bootcamp you can choose to move as slow or as fast as you wish within a 3-month period. After 3-months, your mentorship plan expires whether or not you have scheduled all of your calls or not. 

NOTE: If you have not already had your Discovery Session Call with Erica, please sign up here: https://bit.ly/FreeCall15minutes 
(Choose 1:1 Pre-Mentorship Strategy Call)

If you already had your Discovery Session Call, and are ready to move forward on 1:1 Mentorship - Choose your Mentorship package, click 'Add to Cart' and proceed to check out. We will be notifying you within 24hrs to schedule your first call.

*Please note a 2% fee is included in this price due to our the website payment processing fees.