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Your Virtual Meeting Space

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Ready to Connect in a Different Way at your Next Work Event?
We are here to help!

Designing and Connecting people together is our passion, and our team is standing by to help you make this happen! It's time to move beyond the screen of squares and make a shift to how you connect with your clients, employees, or members. 
In a time where some things are out of our control you can find comfort in knowing you will always have your "digital real estate" accessible from anywhere at anytime.

What we do is a 3 step process:
Step 1.) We create a space of your choice, it can be an actual space your employees are used to meeting in ( like a conference room or town hall area of your office) or we could work together to design a virtual meeting space that reflects your companies brand and then you or your employees could access it whenever they need to host a meeting.

Step 2) We work with you on creating your invite (we provide the access code, and you tell us who to mail or email it to.

Step 3.) The day of the event, your guests/employees would just need to scan the code on our Member Access product they are given (I can go in more detail on what product you would like to use during our next chat), and then they are in! It’s kind of like zoom but more relatable. You can feel more connected because you are actually inside of the space virtually and not just represented as a square. It’s a more quality experience you are providing to your employees/guests and it would be your virtual real estate to use forever.

Designed by Real Architectural and Interior Designers
Your spaces is designed by trained architects, designers, and even musicians that specialize in every part of our customization process. If you haven't yet, schedule your free consultation using the 'Contact Us' link below.

Customize Your Virtual Real Estate with Your Design Consultant:
Work with our team to design your own personalized event space and paired custom product (tea blend, coffee, or one of our other private list of products we source). Use for a meeting, corporate event, or holiday party. Whether it's for you and guest, or for a virtual event of 100+ we can make it happen! 

Our Quotes Vary to Fit Your Needs:

Small Space: 100-500 SF
About the size of a Virtual Conference Room

Medium Space: 501-2000 SF
About the size of a Starbucks Cafe

Large Space: 2001-10000+ SF
About the size of a Lecture hall or Auditorium

The software is already built into your phone. All you need is WIFI. Enhance the interactive experience with a Virtual Reality headset (like Oculus or it's equivalent). All attendees will be given the product before the launch and use it to log onto your custom space for the event. (Please Note: Average turnaround time for sizes small-medium is 3 weeks / large is approx. 3-5 weeks)

We are excited be extending this custom experience to you! Customize it for your company brand or event theme.

Schedule your free customization call and information session by contacting us today! CONTACT US